Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Steps

Great News Destiny is taking five or six baby steps. She had been doing this for about two weeks. But I thinks she is camera shy. Every time I get the camera is stop walking, so this time I had my husband to help me!! And this is what we got. The girls are so excited because they want her to start running around with them. Karina is a little mommy so you see her in the video cheer her sister on. And you also hear Lailoni in the background, her second little mommy......

Sunday, August 2, 2009

LPA Event for August

Here is Destiny and Daddy( which we usually don't get he doesn't like picture)
Here is Matthew(my husband) holding Destiny who is shaking hands with Chris.....

This is Destiny and Ava having a good time in the little shade we got

Here are all the girls watching Anais play with the last water balloon left, which everyone wanted.

Here they are having fun playing with water balloons!!!!

Yesterday was our LPA event for August. It was great. You can tell everyone had fun. We had plenty of food and drinks, especially water.... It was really hot. I don't know how we stay at the park that long. But everyone survived, we were having such a good time. The kids played with water ballons, flew kite and even a little soccer. They had plenty to do. And we had alot more fun events hopefully planned for the future. It's great when the Las Vegas Chapter gets together. You always learn something new....