Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!!!!

Today we celebrate my birthday, which was so exciting... I had planned to take the day off from work, but since Destiny had her surgery done and I had already missed a couple days of work, I decided to go in..... I had a good morning... Hearing all the birthday wishes from my friends and family made my day.And then I had my girls sing Happy Birthday to me made it even better that anything in the world.... Then after work we went the Olive Garden to have dinner. Which I really enjoyed. Them we came home to have cake and ice cream (carrot cake). I came home to open my gifts and read my birthday cards... I recieved a Coach wallet,purse and coin purse from my hubby... Cant complain right??? He's the best. Always listen to the hint I throw out there. My girls made birthday cards for me and we all know that those are the best ones... Thank you all for the birthday Wishes once again!!!!!!