Wednesday, September 9, 2009

These Past Couple Weeks............Part 1 WWE Event

Here are the girls at WWE event. they were here in Las Vegas.
Here they are with their last minute sign. We left the ones we made at home. As you can see John Cena is their favorite wrestler.

Destiny enjoy the pizza she ate and got all over me!!!!

Here was when it had just started, had to get a picture of the ring

Here are the girls after the show was over. They loved it and said the were ready for the nesxt one.

And last but not least is our favorite announcer. She was my favorite growing up and now she my girls favorite. Never thought my girls would enjoy it. It funny because as a kid I grew up watching wrestling with my brothers and sisters. We enjoyed it so much and now my girls are the same way. Everyone is shocked when I tell the girls enjoyed watching WWE. Then they ask them questions to kind of test them, and sure enough the answer them quickly. It was our first wrestling match we have attended. But my husband been to a couple before as a kid. We were so excited and very very happy with the result of everything. We got to see John Cena and many more. It our surpise it was Vince McMahon birthday, so it was extra special. So I would totally recommend the WWE Events......