Sunday, November 8, 2009

Girl's Day

Today was totally relaxing. The girls wanted to do girly things. So first of all we went to take them to get their christmas list started. That way they can send it out to Santa. And he's has enough time to get them their presents LOL!!!. Then we came home and they wanted to get their facials done. Karina and Lailoni loved it. Myra and Destiny are little to young to understand and enjoy it. They got into something comfortable and then they also had a massage. I have to keep them busy or else it will be a long day for me. After we got them all cleaned up, we made cupcakes and a cake. They enjoy decorating it. And Destiny was too busy watching Elmo. She is so in to elmo, it's too funny. When she see anything with elmo, is starts sing the Elmo song.. She is just to funny.