Sunday, July 26, 2009

July Is Almost Gone

Here is Connor sharing his cake with Destiny Hope. As you can see he was making sure it was okay with me.
I can't believe July is almost gone and I still have not blogged about anything this month. It seem that this month has gone so fast. Or is it because we have done soooo much. Don't know but I thought I would update my blog. On 4th Of July we went down to San Diego. It was a girl road trip. My husband had to stay behind and work. So I decided to take the girls to see our family. Nothing like spending a long weekend with family. We spent all day in the pool. It was a lovely weekend. For the girls and I the weather was just perfect. Every one else was complaining how hot it was. Here is Destiny in her 4th of July swimsuit. She was all over the place. She doesn't want to be picked up anymore. Which makes me a little sad because she is our last baby. But happy in a way because we thought she wouldn't be doing alot of the things she is able to do at this age. She stand alone for about 2 second then realize what she is doing and fall to the floor. We are very proud of what she is doing. I had a great time and took alot of picture but for so reason I am having a hard time loading them. I'll see if I can post them tomorrow.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Karina Got Talent

Karina school had a talent show last week. She decided to try out and see if she would make the cut. Two days later she found out that she had made it. She wanted to sing the climb by Miley Cyrus. It's a very beautiful song for those of you that have not heard it, it from the movie Hannah Montana. She decided to have her friend Jennifer sing with her. I think we must have practiced about 100 times and she also practiced at school. The day was finally here and she was ready. Here are couple picture of Karina and Lailoni before the talent show. She was a little nervous. Here is Karina and Jennifer happy to have finished their performance.

And here is my future singer. She has always enjoyed sing. Ever since she was 2 y/o.
Watch out Miley Cyrus, here comes Karina Giselle.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She enjoyed it some much, and I am glad she did it.