Sunday, November 8, 2009

Girl's Day

Today was totally relaxing. The girls wanted to do girly things. So first of all we went to take them to get their christmas list started. That way they can send it out to Santa. And he's has enough time to get them their presents LOL!!!. Then we came home and they wanted to get their facials done. Karina and Lailoni loved it. Myra and Destiny are little to young to understand and enjoy it. They got into something comfortable and then they also had a massage. I have to keep them busy or else it will be a long day for me. After we got them all cleaned up, we made cupcakes and a cake. They enjoy decorating it. And Destiny was too busy watching Elmo. She is so in to elmo, it's too funny. When she see anything with elmo, is starts sing the Elmo song.. She is just to funny.

Monday, October 26, 2009

LPA Halloween Party

On Friday night we had our Lpa Halloween party. We had so much fun. There was plenty to do. We had games, arts and crafts, face painting,coloring, and pumpkin and cookies/cupcake decorating. We had a great turn out. There were 38 attendees. The kids got goodies bags with lost of yummy treats. We always have a good time when we get together with our lpa family. There is always so much we can relate to one another. And we always look forward to the next one. Here are some pictures of our Halloween party...
Here is Strawberry Shortcake(Lailoni) with a pumkin she decorated
Here is Our LPA Family
This is Raggie Ann (Myra) waiting her turn to play a game
Runaway Diva (Karina) with herself made Halloween cookie
Here is Lailoni decorating her cupcake
And here is my little witch(Destiny Hope) sitting on a chair
And this is our final pictures before going home, they couldn't stop posing at the end, so everyone take out there camera for a final shot.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Everyone's heard time flies when your having fun right??? Well it also flies when your not.. I know I haven't blogged in a while, but it seem that all the bad things came at once. And when you least expect them to. Well these past few weeks have been a nightmare for me. First of all I got a call from my sister Angie that my dad was in the hospital. But not to worry he just had a fever that caused him to get a very bad headache. Which to me sounded like maybe the flu. But nowadays you have to be very careful. So I told her to give me a call once they came home. I couldn't sleep, so finally I recieved a call about 1am, at that time she told me he had to get admitted, they couldn't control his fever. Now my family lives in San Diego and I live in Las Vegas 7 hours drive.. So I went to sleep. Not sleeping very well. So finally got up about 7am and started getting ready to go to work. Then I get a call from another sister and at that time I knew something was wrong, but they didn't want to worry me. My sister informed me that my dad had a rough night and had a total of 7 seizures. And that he was intubated. Once she said that I must have took the first plane out of Vegas. Leaving the girls behind with my hubby. Which I have never left my girls, but I know I had to be there. I am very scared of heights so the take off wasn't too good, but i kept reminding myself why I was on this plane. I wanted to get there as soon as possible. On a plane was 55 mins, so that was my only choice.
When I got there I went straight up to see him and my heart broke in to a million pieces, but I knew I had to be strong. I stayed down there for about a week, a week without my girls I called them everyday,but still yet it wasn't like having them there. I knew my mom needed me. Everyday I was there just seemed like a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from. When we finally got the results from his test and it turned out that he had a virual infection that isn't very common. One person out of every million get it. It a infection that affect the brain. The doctors didn't gives us very good chances for him to make a full recovery. They said it will take a miracle. And guess what??? That miracle happened. He's still has to go to rehab, but I knew it could happen. Thanks to everyone that prayed for him to recover. And now back to the drawing board to schedule Destiny's surgery to have her tonsils removed. By the way she was going to have surgery that same week. Could you have image that? Now I fear the day of her surgery.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

These Past Couple Weeks............Part 1 WWE Event

Here are the girls at WWE event. they were here in Las Vegas.
Here they are with their last minute sign. We left the ones we made at home. As you can see John Cena is their favorite wrestler.

Destiny enjoy the pizza she ate and got all over me!!!!

Here was when it had just started, had to get a picture of the ring

Here are the girls after the show was over. They loved it and said the were ready for the nesxt one.

And last but not least is our favorite announcer. She was my favorite growing up and now she my girls favorite. Never thought my girls would enjoy it. It funny because as a kid I grew up watching wrestling with my brothers and sisters. We enjoyed it so much and now my girls are the same way. Everyone is shocked when I tell the girls enjoyed watching WWE. Then they ask them questions to kind of test them, and sure enough the answer them quickly. It was our first wrestling match we have attended. But my husband been to a couple before as a kid. We were so excited and very very happy with the result of everything. We got to see John Cena and many more. It our surpise it was Vince McMahon birthday, so it was extra special. So I would totally recommend the WWE Events......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Steps

Great News Destiny is taking five or six baby steps. She had been doing this for about two weeks. But I thinks she is camera shy. Every time I get the camera is stop walking, so this time I had my husband to help me!! And this is what we got. The girls are so excited because they want her to start running around with them. Karina is a little mommy so you see her in the video cheer her sister on. And you also hear Lailoni in the background, her second little mommy......

Sunday, August 2, 2009

LPA Event for August

Here is Destiny and Daddy( which we usually don't get he doesn't like picture)
Here is Matthew(my husband) holding Destiny who is shaking hands with Chris.....

This is Destiny and Ava having a good time in the little shade we got

Here are all the girls watching Anais play with the last water balloon left, which everyone wanted.

Here they are having fun playing with water balloons!!!!

Yesterday was our LPA event for August. It was great. You can tell everyone had fun. We had plenty of food and drinks, especially water.... It was really hot. I don't know how we stay at the park that long. But everyone survived, we were having such a good time. The kids played with water ballons, flew kite and even a little soccer. They had plenty to do. And we had alot more fun events hopefully planned for the future. It's great when the Las Vegas Chapter gets together. You always learn something new....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July Is Almost Gone

Here is Connor sharing his cake with Destiny Hope. As you can see he was making sure it was okay with me.
I can't believe July is almost gone and I still have not blogged about anything this month. It seem that this month has gone so fast. Or is it because we have done soooo much. Don't know but I thought I would update my blog. On 4th Of July we went down to San Diego. It was a girl road trip. My husband had to stay behind and work. So I decided to take the girls to see our family. Nothing like spending a long weekend with family. We spent all day in the pool. It was a lovely weekend. For the girls and I the weather was just perfect. Every one else was complaining how hot it was. Here is Destiny in her 4th of July swimsuit. She was all over the place. She doesn't want to be picked up anymore. Which makes me a little sad because she is our last baby. But happy in a way because we thought she wouldn't be doing alot of the things she is able to do at this age. She stand alone for about 2 second then realize what she is doing and fall to the floor. We are very proud of what she is doing. I had a great time and took alot of picture but for so reason I am having a hard time loading them. I'll see if I can post them tomorrow.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Karina Got Talent

Karina school had a talent show last week. She decided to try out and see if she would make the cut. Two days later she found out that she had made it. She wanted to sing the climb by Miley Cyrus. It's a very beautiful song for those of you that have not heard it, it from the movie Hannah Montana. She decided to have her friend Jennifer sing with her. I think we must have practiced about 100 times and she also practiced at school. The day was finally here and she was ready. Here are couple picture of Karina and Lailoni before the talent show. She was a little nervous. Here is Karina and Jennifer happy to have finished their performance.

And here is my future singer. She has always enjoyed sing. Ever since she was 2 y/o.
Watch out Miley Cyrus, here comes Karina Giselle.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She enjoyed it some much, and I am glad she did it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Very 1st LPA Event!!!

Here is destiny trying to fall asleep
Mommy and Destiny trying to stay dry

Sam,Loni ,Karina and Rachel posing for a picture

Destiny and Anais enjoying each others company

Arts and Craft Time
This weekend was the first lpa event that we attended. It was a bbq/ pool party for Ava who turned 4 years old. She is such a cutie. I can't wait for destiny to reach that age. It was great being surround with such great people. My family and I enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to our next get together. I can honestly say that I felt very comfortable around everyone. I didn't have to worry about anybody staring at us. It was very fun to meet eveyone there. Can't wait until August.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks Alex!!!

Thanks Alex, just wanted to thank you for giving me so much support and information. Making me feel so comfortable with everything and also for letting me know I'm not the only one in this situation.Thanks for introducing me to a whole new world.(LPA chaper in las vegas). Everyone is so welcoming. I can't wait to meet everyone......... See you on saturday!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Destiny Turns One

Destiny's 1st birthday party!!!!!!!

Well where should I start. My little baby girl just turned a year old on May 22. A year ago I was told that there was an abnormally with my baby. The doctors told me that her head was measure the correct weeks of gestation, but her arms and legs measuring about a month behind. It was really scary because this was my fourth pregnancy and never had this happen to me. I didn't know what to expected or what I should do. One thing was for sure. I was going to love this little one no matter what. She was already a part of me. The las t couple months of my pregnancy was the longest. I was told I had to wait until the baby was born to get actual confirmation that she had achondroplasia.