Sunday, October 18, 2009


Everyone's heard time flies when your having fun right??? Well it also flies when your not.. I know I haven't blogged in a while, but it seem that all the bad things came at once. And when you least expect them to. Well these past few weeks have been a nightmare for me. First of all I got a call from my sister Angie that my dad was in the hospital. But not to worry he just had a fever that caused him to get a very bad headache. Which to me sounded like maybe the flu. But nowadays you have to be very careful. So I told her to give me a call once they came home. I couldn't sleep, so finally I recieved a call about 1am, at that time she told me he had to get admitted, they couldn't control his fever. Now my family lives in San Diego and I live in Las Vegas 7 hours drive.. So I went to sleep. Not sleeping very well. So finally got up about 7am and started getting ready to go to work. Then I get a call from another sister and at that time I knew something was wrong, but they didn't want to worry me. My sister informed me that my dad had a rough night and had a total of 7 seizures. And that he was intubated. Once she said that I must have took the first plane out of Vegas. Leaving the girls behind with my hubby. Which I have never left my girls, but I know I had to be there. I am very scared of heights so the take off wasn't too good, but i kept reminding myself why I was on this plane. I wanted to get there as soon as possible. On a plane was 55 mins, so that was my only choice.
When I got there I went straight up to see him and my heart broke in to a million pieces, but I knew I had to be strong. I stayed down there for about a week, a week without my girls I called them everyday,but still yet it wasn't like having them there. I knew my mom needed me. Everyday I was there just seemed like a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from. When we finally got the results from his test and it turned out that he had a virual infection that isn't very common. One person out of every million get it. It a infection that affect the brain. The doctors didn't gives us very good chances for him to make a full recovery. They said it will take a miracle. And guess what??? That miracle happened. He's still has to go to rehab, but I knew it could happen. Thanks to everyone that prayed for him to recover. And now back to the drawing board to schedule Destiny's surgery to have her tonsils removed. By the way she was going to have surgery that same week. Could you have image that? Now I fear the day of her surgery.


  1. Rosie, unfortunately I know all too well how that feels but my dad wan't lucky enough to recover and passed away after 2 months of being at the hospital. I am so glad that your dad is feeling better, enjoy him as much as you can!
    As for Destiny, she will do ok...don't worry.

  2. I'm so glad that your dad is doing well, and I hope that his rehab continues to go well!
    Destiny will do great with her surgery! Keep us posted on when her surgery will be and she'll be in our prayers.

  3. I am so glad to hear that your dad is ok and that he will be getting better through rehab! That had to be so scary! We are keeping him in our prayers and we will be thinking of you all for when Destiny goes into surgery! I'm sure she will do excellent! Hugs!

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad being so sick. I hope that he will be feeling better soon. Glad he's ok. Hope that you get Destiny's surgery all set and everything goes well with that.

  5. I am sorry to hear that your father was so sick, but so pleased to hear he is doing much better. The power of prayer is so strong. I too hate flying so I am with you there!
    As for Destiny-Preston is going in for this surgery too in a few weeks. They are going to be fine! I just know it!